Hebrew Wizards

The ‘Wizards’ Of Greenwich

Can a ‘fun’-based Hebrew school run by a charismatic woman work magic for supplemental education?
10/24/2011 - 20:00
Associate Editor

Greenwich, Conn. — It’s a sunny, crisp Sunday morning in October, and inside the auditorium of the stately Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich building, about 50 kids, many wearing red hoodies and soccer shirts of various colors emblazoned with the words “Hebrew Wizards,” are sitting cross-legged on a large, brightly colored rug, singing “It is A Tree of Life,” a folk version of the song “Eitz Chaim.”

Surrounded by Wizard Boards, participants come together for prayer and music. Photos by Robert “Buster” Salomon, Jr.

Hebrew School’s New Game Theory

‘Fun’ teaching tool catching on to engage tech-savvy teens, but development costs may be big hurdle.
09/26/2011 - 20:00
Associate Editor

Like most of her friends, Jenn, a Long Island teen, loves computer games. She even plays one at Hebrew school.

With her teacher’s permission.

“Petri World,” a virtual environment in which players have avatars and build a city together, is not a forbidden classroom activity that distracts from the lesson. In Jodi Mishkin’s class at Temple Beth Torah, in Melville, it is the lesson, with students learning about modern Israel as they play.

“Hidden Krakow,” a simulation game under development, aims to teach players about Jewish life in pre-war Poland.
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