Hebrew Charter School Center

Harlem Hebrew Charter OK’d

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A Hebrew charter school in Harlem may sound akin to an African-American-themed school in Borough Park or Jerusalem.

Opening in 2013, Harlem Hebrew will be modeled on Brooklyn’s Hebrew Language Academy Charter School, above.

Hebrew Charter Movement Gains DC School

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A Hebrew charter school has been approved for Washington, D.C.

Sela Public Charter School will open in fall 2013, with 124 children in pre-K through first grade. Eventually the school, which has the backing of the New York-based Hebrew Charter School Center, will go through fifth grade.

Sela, which means “rock” or “foundation” in Hebrew, is modeled in part on Yu Ying, a successful D.C. Chinese-immersion charter school where children speak Chinese and English in alternate days.

New Hebrew Charter School Approved In San Diego

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San Diego City Schools voted unanimously Tuesday night to approve a charter for Kavod, a Hebrew charter school slated to open in September.

Modeled on Brooklyn’s Hebrew Language Academy Charter School (HLA), the publicly funded San Diego school will launch with 210 students in grades K-2 and plans to add a grade each year until it goes through fifth grade.

Charter School Roundup

Florida Growing Fast, Some Local Delays, Second Thoughts In Englewood
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So much for the stereotype about life being slower paced in the South.

While some Hebrew charter school efforts here in New York and New Jersey — as well as in Arizona, Minnesota and California — are hitting snags and delays, Florida’s Ben Gamla network of schools is blazing ahead at full speed.

Florida’s Ben Gamla network of schools is blazing ahead at full speed.
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