Hebrew Academy of Long Beach

Startup Day School Finds Established Home

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It was supposed to be the Five Towns’ answer to Yeshivat He’Atid, the popular low-tuition Orthodox day school that has taken Bergen County, N.J., by storm.

A class at HALB. The 58-year-old school has agreed to work with a startup to incorporate “blended learning.

Lessons In Perseverance

Profiles of some of the Jewish educational institutions affected by Hurricane Sandy as they get back to the classroom.


Preschool: Kings Bay Y

Helping Children Process What Happened

One week after the Kings Bay Y put up a mezuzah on its new facility, located on Emmons Avenue in Sheepshead Bay, the brand-new hallways were filled with 12 feet of water.

The Kings Bay Y’s early childhood program expanded child-care services in the days after the hurricane.

Cedarhurst Dad And Son Complete Kosher Cross-Country Car Trek

A 36-day coast-to-coast journey, with breaks for Shabbat.

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When Adam Hofstetter was a kid, some of the happiest times were those he spent on long car trips with his family.
So when the former sportswriter and dotcom editor became a yeshiva English teacher and found himself with a free summer, he was itching to hit the road with his family.
But his wife, Sarah, had to work and daughter Abby, 12, was in sleepaway camp. That left youngest son Sam, 10, who after a two-week camp stint had the rest of the summer free.
A map of the journey.
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