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Jerusalem, The Mundane City

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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu received a standing ovation at the recent AIPAC conference when he declared, “Jerusalem is not a settlement. It’s our capital.” Pronouncements about Jerusalem as the united, eternal capital of Israel have long served as guaranteed applause lines in virtually every Jewish audience. Israel and world Jewry devote a great deal of attention to the city’s current and future political status.

Orthodox Patrol Group Urges 911 Call On Pedophiles

Flatbush Shomrim warns abusers, ‘If you don’t get help you will be caught.’
Assistant Managing Editor

Ramping up the fight against sexual abuse of children in Brooklyn’s Orthodox community, a volunteer patrol group is for the first time publicly advising the community to report suspected molesters to the police.
The group, Flatbush Shomrim, cited advice from rabbinic authorities in making the announcement.
“Report all suspicious activity to the police first by calling 911,” reads an April 15 statement by Shomrim that was posted on the website Yeshiva World News.

Shomrim founder Chaim Deutsch, second from right, meets with patrol volunteers in a recent photo distributed by the group.
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