Chanukah: To Give And To Get

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As a Jewish parent, I tend to feel a bit gleeful in late November. No need to brave lengthy lines. No need to explain to disappointed children why chopping down a tree isn’t an eco-friendly option. Here — at last — is the upside to my childhood envy of Yuletide merriment.

Ho. Ho. Ho.  (Ha! Ha!)

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Top 12 Chanukah Happenings

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Chanukah – among many things – is a time to count your blessings and celebrate the night away for eight days in a row. Here in New York City, you have a wild number of events to choose from. Take a look at our recommendations for the top 12 events for this holiday season below.

Sadie Hawkins Chanukah Bash
Saturday, December 8 at 8 pm
22 West 39th Street

Hanukkah: one of the most light-hearted holidays of the Jewish calendar. Getty Images

How Do You Spell Hanukkah?

The #1 question during Hanukkah is: What is the correct way to spell the name of this holiday? As I blogged about last year, "Since it's a Hebrew word that is transliterated into English, there are several acceptable spellings. But people still want to know if there is a consensus."

There are so many spellings of Hanukkah. Which one's the most common?

Have Yourself a Hitchensonian Chanukah

I’m sure Christopher Hitchens would have no problem with me, an admirer, taking him to task for a shoddy piece he wrote about Chanukah a few years ago in Slate.  Hitchens, the eloquent atheist and polemicist, who died last week, at 62, had no problem with criticism.

The 10,000 Menorahs

After an anti-Semitic incident,
a message of hope from Montana.

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It was a quiet night during Chanukah 1994, in the peaceful town of Billings, Mont., when a brick crashed through 6-year-old Isaac Schnitzer’s window. At that moment, Tammie Schnitzer became an activist.

“I am just a mother,” insisted the woman who refused to accept the hatred that confronted her family, just because they were Jewish.

Best Jewish Apps of 2010 for iPhone & Android

 My list of the Best Jewish Apps of 2010 here at The Jewish Week has generated a lot of attention. The list of thirty-three apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones has been reposted on several blogs around the Web.

With hundreds of thousands of apps available for download, there's no dearth of Jewish themed apps - from useful to kitschy!

Top Hanukkah Videos for 2010

If you haven't received an email or Facebook message in the past week with the link to the Maccabeats video of "Candlelight", you might want to check that your computer is actually plugged in.

The Maccabeats have created the most viral Hanukkah video of all time
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