Hand In Hand

Coexistence Bowed, But Not Broken, By War

Strain on dialogue groups in wake of Gaza conflict, but participants aren’t giving up.

Israel Correspondent

Jerusalem — Six times since the start of the Israel-Hamas war this summer, students, parents and teachers at the Hebrew-Arabic Hand in Hand School in Jerusalem marched together along southern Jerusalem’s walking and bike trail, which meanders through Jewish neighborhoods before reaching Beit Safafa, a scenic Arab neighborhood near Malka.

Some 10,000 Israelis attended a peace rally in Tel Aviv. Their signs read, “Where there is no peace, war comes.” Getty Images

We Are All The Other

Special To The Jewish Week

Last month, children were attacked while riding the public bus home from school in Jerusalem. They were 6th graders, students of the Max Ryne Hand in Hand bilingual school for Jewish and Arab students. Some of the bus riders were disturbed that these children were speaking Arabic among themselves.

Shuli Dichter
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