Why Israeli Couples have Surrogate Pregnancies In Nepal

Hundreds of Israeli couples choose surrogate pregnancy in Nepal

04/27/2015 - 20:00

Tel Aviv (JTA) – While Israel mobilizes to aid victims of Nepal’s earthquake and locate missing citizens, the Jewish state is paying special attention to the safety of 26 Israeli babies born of surrogate mothers in Nepal.

The parent of a baby born to a surrogate mother in Nepal holding the child at the Sde Dov Airport in Tel Aviv on Sunday. JTA

Anti-Sharia Laws Stir Concerns that Halachah Could Be Next

04/30/2011 - 20:00

WASHINGTON (JTA) -- With conservative lawmakers across the United States trying to outlaw sharia, or Islamic religious law, Jewish organizations are concerned that halachah could be next.

If the state legislative initiatives targeting sharia are successful, they would gut a central tenet of American Jewish religious communal life: The ability under U.S. law to resolve differences according to halachah, or Jewish religious law.

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