Google Does Sukkot

The search engine giant is building two halachically correct ritual huts at its New York office.

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Editor's Note: Check back Wednesday for more about Google's Sukkot celebrations: a photo essay, video and more details from inside the huts.

Getting creative with your sukkah decorations this year? You’ve got serious competition—from Google.

A Tel Aviv sukkah. Wikimedia Commons

What Do Shimon Peres And Eric Schmidt Have In Common?

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At the Sept. 22 ADL dinner, Israeli President Shimon Peres and Google chairman Eric Schmidt were seated next to each other – and not just because both were honorees.

Mika Almog takes a selfie with Google’s Eric Schmidt. Tim Boxer/JW

Move Over, Smiley Face: New Religious Emojis On The Way

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In addition to smiley faces, high heels and frogs, Unicode is rolling out a new batch of 250 emojis, among them a set of religious icons.

Google Acquires Another Israeli Startup, SlickLogin

Company boasts of IDF experience to provide 'military-grade' data security.

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Google has acquired the Israeli internet security start-up SlickLogin.

The Israeli company made the announcement Sunday on the homepage of its website.

SlickLogin won over Google even before it gained clients.

Israel Earned $370 Million On Waze Sale

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Israel earned $370 million in tax revenue on the sale of the navigation app Waze to Google.

Google is set to pay $230 million in taxes on its acquisition of the property rights to the free application for smart phones on top of the more than $143 million in taxes already paid on the purchase.

Beyond The Benefit Of The Doubt

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My family knows well that the Rob Reiner/Aaron Sorkin film “The American President” is one of my all-time favorites. I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve watched it, and during particularly difficult times in this country, notably after the events of 9/11, it served as a source of comfort. 

As he would later do so magnificently in “The West Wing,” Sorkin painted a picture of politicians and government who were able to transcend the innumerable temptations to compromise principles for expediency, and actually even reach greatness.

Rabbi Gerald C. Skolnik is the spiritual leader of the Forest Hills Jewish Center in Queens, New York.

Israeli Regulator Looking Into Google's Waze Acquisition

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Google’s billion-dollar acquisition of Israeli navigation app developer Waze could face resistance from Israel’s Antitrust Authority, which has requested documents from Google Israel and Waze, Haaretz reported.

Inclusion And The Waze Acquisition

Two really interesting things happened last week – one that you almost certainly heard about, and one that you almost certainly did not.

Meredith Englander Polsky

Google Glass and Jewish Education

In 1982 when I was in first grade at Hillel Day School, a Jewish day school in Metropolitan Detroit, my father brought in our family’s Apple II computer for show-and-tell. There were no computers in the school at that time so it was a seminal technological moment for the school. I’m sure my father figured he would blow my classmates minds by showing them how to type a few lines of the LOGO programming language and get the turtle cursor to turn and move across the screen. However, my peers didn’t have any mind-blowing experiences that day -- it was only the beginning of what our generation would come to expect from computers and technology.

Hillel Fuld, a technology evangelist in Israel, tries Google Glass. Photo courtesy Hillel Fuld

Google Confirms Waze Acquisition

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Google confirmed its acquisition of the Israeli navigation company Waze.

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