Global Warming

Global Warming A Threat Now


In his Sept. 26 column, “An Inconvenient Truth,” Gary Rosenblatt mentions the
horns of the marchers at the Climate March but fails to note the large
numbers of Jews who attended with shofarot to proclaim their commitment to
protecting the planet. Of course many young Jews are aware of the Torah’s
insistence that humans care for the earth. To assume their ignorance is
wrong, particularly given the large number of Jewish organizations that

UN Needs Day Of Atonement

There is a greater likelihood that the United Nations will vote to blame Israel for global warming than it would to put Yom Kippur on the official holiday calendar of UN Headquarters as called for in an op ed in Wednesday's New York Times.

Ben Stein Vs. Kyocera

With today's 10-second tease video with Matthew Broderick hinting at a "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" sequel, it is only fitting to take a close look at Ben Stein's ongoing legal battle with Kyocera. Stein, who played the memorable high school teacher in the 1986 movie ("Bueller? Bueller?) was set to film a commercial for Kyocera, the producer of cameras, copiers, printers, mobile phones, and the like.

Ben Stein Sues Kyocera Corp. for Religious Discrimination
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