Gil Troy

Rejecting MLK’s `Dream’ Means No Hope For Future

01/18/2016 - 13:05

This Martin Luther King birthday holiday, a new nihilism is gripping the African-American community. As the accolades for Ta-Nehisi Coates mount – a MacArthur “genius” grant, the National Book Award – is anyone willing to defend what he mocks as “The Dream?”

Gil Troy

Trying To Keep Calm In Jerusalem Today

No matter how liberal you are, no matter how much you cherish coexistence, you examine passing faces and 'racially profile.'

10/27/2015 - 20:00
Special To The Jewish Week

I live in Jerusalem but planned to spend this semester in America, launching my new book, “The Age of Clinton: America in the 1990s” (Thomas Dunne Books). But with a wife, four kids, many friends and eight million targets, Jews and Arabs, in Israel, how can I rest easy away from home? Instead, I am crisscrossing the Atlantic “pond,” acting as if I hold the United Airlines Chair in American History, returning home whenever I can while fulfilling whatever book tour commitments I can. 

Gil Troy

Countering Israel’s Critics

06/02/2014 - 20:00
Editor And Publisher

Two North American-born professors living in Jerusalem agreed, sadly, that anti-Semitism is still a major factor in the wildly disproportionate and negative actions and attitudes toward the Jewish state on the international scene.

Jewish Week Editor Gary Rosenblatt, at podium, Gerald Steinberg, Gil Troy and moderator Linda Scherzer at Park Avenue Synagogue.

May 28: How Israel Can Win The PR War

A conversation with Gerald Steinberg and Gil Troy.

05/01/2014 - 20:00

American Friends of Bar Ilan,
JWMG and You

A Conversation with Gerald Steinberg and Gil Troy

Park Avenue Synagogue, 50 East 87th Street

Wednesday, May 28, 7:30 p.m.

Gerald Steinberg and Gil Troy

Reviving Liberal Zionism

03/21/2011 - 20:00
Special To The Jewish Week

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of essays on Zionist thinkers and doers, in Israel and outside, who are pioneering new understandings of what Jewish nationalism can mean in the 21st century.

How fitting that Ruth Gavison, a legal expert in the areas of human and civil rights and constitutional law, was awarded the Israel Prize this week, cited for grappling “exhaustively and courageously with forming Israel’s identity as a Jewish and democratic state.”

Needed: A New Jewish Civics Course

01/10/2011 - 19:00
Special To The Jewish Week

If 2000-2010 was the decade of delegitimization, when Palestinian attacks on Israel’s existence gained renewed traction, 2010 was the year of delegitimization-lite.

More and more Jews responded to the relentless criticism of Israel by internalizing it.

True, most rejected the radical caricature of Israel as a racist or apartheid state deserving destruction. But absorbing the anti-Israel poison in the atmosphere, increasing numbers, especially among liberal Jewish elites, attacked Israel as fundamentally broken, caricaturing Zionism as a right-wing enterprise.

A different perspective on the Pollard case

Historian and journalist Gil Troy has some hits and misses in his important Tablet essay on the Jonathan Pollard case and what he believes is a nascent mainstream effort in the Jewish community to win his freedom.

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