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Nov. 20: Bret Stephens And Gidi Grinstein

Daniel Zisenwine joins the authors in conversation about 'America's Retreat and Israel's Predicaments.' In partnership with the American Friends of Tel Aviv University.

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Who:  Bret Stephens, Gidi Grinstein and Daniel Zisenwine
What:  America’s Retreat and Israel’s Predicaments
Where: The Kaufman Music Center, 129 West 67th Street
When:  November 20, 7:30 p.m.
Why:  Stephens is the author of America in Retreat; Grinstein wrote Flexigidity

Gidi Grinstein/Bret Stephens

Palestinian State? It’s Israel’s Call

Mideast expert describes age of `permanent revolution,’ one of hundreds of talks at Limmud NY.

Editor and Publisher

With all of the dizzying, fundamental changes in the Middle East, where the Arab Spring has given way to radicalism in Egypt and complete chaos in Syria, a key transformation in the Israel-Palestinian relationship has taken place that has largely gone unnoticed.

Israel Plans ‘Leapfrog’ Growth to Stem Brain Drain


JERUSALEM (JTA) -- It was at a conference 15 years ago in the raw months following Yitzhak Rabin's assassination that an unlikely Israeli trio -- a young Navy officer, a leading businesswoman and a senior bureaucrat -- hatched a plan for Israel's future.

It wasn't exactly a plan for the future, but a plan to plan for the country's future in an entirely new way: one focused on long-term strategic thinking to propel Israel into the world's top 15 socioeconomic powers.

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