Israeli Rabbinic, Legal Groups Partner For Prenup In Bid To Prevent Agunot


A Religious Zionist rabbinic organization in Israel has launched a new prenuptial agreement to help ensure that divorcing wives will receive a religious divorce, or get.

No Get? Then No (Kosher) Food For You!

Proposed amendment would withhold religious accommodations from recalcitrant husbands in Israeli prisons.

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Advocates for Israel's "chained wives" are hoping that the way to a man's heart truly is through his stomach.

Dov Lipman of the Yesh Atid party proposed a new amendment this week to withhold kosher food from men who refuse to grant their wives a get (religious divorce contract).

Recalcitrant husbands might find themselves faced with worse than prison food. Fotolia

Husband Of Rivky Stein Fails To Show For Get Proceedings


The husband of Rivky Stein, a New York Jewish woman who launched a social media campaign to attain a religious divorce, did not appear at the religious court as promised.

Withholding A Get: Between Leverage And Extortion


All too commonly, we read about a man who refuses to grant his wife a Jewish writ of divorce (a “get”). We are told her story, culminating in her demand for a get and a plea to help pressure the recalcitrant husband to grant it. As for the man’s version of events – they do not matter; according to the approach promoted by the Organization for the Resolution of Agunot (“agunah” refers to a woman chained to a failed marriage by a husband unable or unwilling to grant her a get) and numerous others, it is never justified for a man to withhold a get as leverage during the divorce settlement.

Agunah Cases in the Age of Facebook

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United States Representative Dave Camp is a proud Roman Catholic. The Republican congressman represents Michigan's 4th District in Congress which includes places in Michigan's "Up North" region that Jews only visit for a few days each year. Aside from the handful of families who live in Traverse City year round, Dave Camp likely doesn't give much thought to Jewish people.

Rep. Dave Camp had to close the comments section of his Facebook page due to protests over his staffer's refusal to grant a get
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