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Taxing Situation For Survivors

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For years, without fail, Holocaust survivors in Brooklyn went to their mailboxes and pulled out their monthly, non-taxable reparations checks from the German government.

But last month, they were shocked to see a letter from the German Federal Tax Office providing them with a tax identification number for use in paying taxes on their pensions.

This week, in a quick reversal, German officials are telling survivors who received those letters, “Fuhgedaboutit.”

State Sen. David Storobin: First brought reparations faux pas to German Consulate’s attention.

Deal Gives Survivors Increased Home Care

German government makes historic multiyear commitment to needy Holocaust survivors.

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The German government has for the first time agreed to a multiyear commitment to fund home care for needy Holocaust survivors, thus assuring survivors and the agencies that care for them that funding will be available as survivor needs peak in 2014, according to Julius Berman, chairman of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.

The announcement Tuesday came after a daylong negotiating session Monday at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Lower Manhattan. It was the first time negotiations had taken place outside of Berlin.

Claims Conference’s special negotiator Stuart Eizenstat: Germans “convinced of the need” that exists.
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