German liberators

The Monuments Men

The other ‘liberators’ in Germany.
10/22/2012 - 20:00
Associate Editor

U.S. Col. Seymour Pomrenze received his basic training in a Ukrainian village, while still a child (then known as Sholom Ben-Yaakov). All the little children knew: If a siddur falls, you kiss it. If you see a Torah, you kiss it. If it falls, it is a calamity, the congregation must fast, and then you kiss it. Imagine, then, how much Sholom must have wanted to kiss his father when his father was falling, murdered by thugs rampaging through the town on a pogrom, when the boy was 3 or 4. Imagine the fallen books, the upended shelves, the broken hearts.

Col. Seymour Pomrenze, center, in front of train car full of items looted by the Nazis. AJHS
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