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Laying Blame For ‘The Israel Problem’

Maybe it’s not Israeli policy after all, argues a leading conservative.

05/11/2016 - 08:56
Editor and Publisher

The growing drift between American Jews and Israel is not a result of Jerusalem’s right-wing political policies, as many believe. Rather, it’s because American Jews are, well, less Jewish.

Gary Rosenblatt

Identity In, 'Spirituality' Out For Jewish Teens

05/10/2016 - 15:13

What do the Jewish members of Generation Z — the one right behind the millennials — want?

Not conventional “spiritual” practices, including synagogue attendance, it turns out. What they do want, according to a major report released last week by the New York-based Jewish Education Project, is to be better human beings.

These teen interns in New York adorned cover of new study.

How Our Synagogue Is Attracting Young Adults

12/01/2014 - 19:00
Special To The Jewish Week

Professors Steven M. Cohen and Jack Wertheimer shared their assessment of the “Shrinking Jewish Middle And How To Expand It” (Opinion, Nov. 14), and not surprisingly, they focused on what Conservative and Reform synagogues should do to reverse the trend.

Rabbi Rachel Ain

Mind The (Pop Culture) Gap

06/24/2013 - 20:00
Special To The Jewish Week

Picturing the mid-20th-century New York that my parents grew up in, I always glimpsed it in black and white. It must have been, it felt to me, a world drained of color, something in between the grainy, dark photographs of my grandparents and the lustrous chiaroscuro of Alfred Hitchcock movies — films that I knew because my family convened after dinner every night around the family television set in the living room. Indeed, in an age before the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, we watched Victor Borge concerts and Masterpiece Theatre together, just as we took it for granted that on family car trips, it was my father’s beloved classical music that was going to be on the radio.

Ted Merwin

36 Under 36

05/21/2012 - 20:00

We are proud to publish our fifth annual “36 Under 36” special section in this issue, highlighting the achievements of a diverse group of young Jews — including artists, educators, social justice activists and philanthropists — making an impact, and a difference, in our community.

Email, May it Rest in Peace

Email is like a cat. I don't know if it has nine lives, but people still use this form of communication even though it's been pronounced dead many times in recent years.

The general consensus among experts in online communication is that social media is killing the medium of email. Just as companies and organizations are getting pretty good at making their email newsletters look professional, it seems that more people are rendering email as the means of communication from a bygone era (sorry!).

Is Social Media Killing Email?
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