Gender Wars On The Trail

Religion tests millennials’ views on hot-button issues.

05/11/2016 - 08:54
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With presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump calling out Hillary Clinton for “playing the woman card,” it seems all but certain that gender will be a key issue in the general election.

A highly charged aspect of the gender issue — the kind of feminism that emerges in the wake of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ historic appeal to millennial women — has particular resonance in the Jewish community.

Columbia University Students forHillary group: Feminism and politics colliding. Courtesy of Columbia Students for Hillary

Quotes Of The Day

"As a member of a 'modern Orthodox' congregation, I am prepared to abide by the minhag of the group. However, I can't help but hear in this article echos of the reasonable segregationist..."

Quotes Of The Day

"As a Jewish woman who loves life behind my mechitza and with my hair and knees covered, I wholeheartedly thank you Rabbis Strauchler and Strulowitz."

Intermarriage And The Gender Gap

Federation’s first ‘Engaging Interfaith Families Forum’ reinforces the truism that women drive a family’s Jewish life.
07/08/2013 - 20:00
Associate Editor

In my household, I’m the Jewish Life Coordinator: I decide which Jewish holidays we’re going to celebrate as a family, whether to keep our daughters in the temple religious school or try an alternative program — and I handle all the logistics, like getting the girls to Hebrew school, filling out the registration forms, paying the bills and supervising Hebrew-reading practice.

Drew Barrymore has said she wants to give her baby daughter a Jewish education. Getty Images

Breaking Safely Through The Glass Ceiling

Growing up always with a female figure as the breadwinner and head of the household, the concept of female inequality was never anywhere in my mind. To me truly that did not exist. Having strong female role models shaped my life and made me the person I am today, a strong and ultra- independent female. I never really saw much that glass ceiling as much of an obstacle because of the examples in my life, but being in the workplace for the past seven years has taught me a lot about how the world works.

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton was also the first First Lady to serve in the Cabinet. Getty Images

The Disservice Orthodox Judaism Does

I broke gender norms, and it was delicious.

Last Wednesday, for my first time, I baked two loaves of challah for Shabbat. I participated in an enjoyable event held regularly at my campus Chabad. Baking challah and its accompanying mitzvah, our instructor helpfully explained, is traditionally a “woman’s mitzvah.”

Did I just witness gender formation? Was female identity constructed just there before my eyes and is it really so simple?

Must we check our brains at the kitchen door when we learn how to make challah? Wikimedia Commons
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