Gefilteria Gets Kosher Seal In Time For Rosh HaShanah

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It could have been a Yiddish curse for religiously observant foodies: May your gefilte fish become upscale, artisanal and hip ... but not be certified kosher.

That’s what happened this spring, when much-buzzed-about gourmet versions of the classic Ashkenazi dish began appearing around New York.

Gefilte fish is going upscale without forgetting its kosher roots.

Gefilteria Cookbook In The Works

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They made gefilte fish sexy. Now, they’re expanding operations. The hip, 20-something year-old founders of the Gefilteria, a boutique purveyor of gefilte and old world Jewish foods, announced this week that they have a cookbook in the works.

The Gefilteria’s founders, Jeffery Yoskowitz and Liz Alpern, announce plans for a spring 2016 cookbook. Shulie Seidler-Feller

No More Schlepping

Shelsky's of Brooklyn offers a full range of fun and funky Jewish appetizing — no trip to Manhattan required.

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There was a time, in the dark ages of the past, when Brooklynites craving a quality whitefish salad or a heaping plate of kippered salmon had to delay the gratification, hopping the subway or piling into the car for a too-long trip to the Lower East Side. But since 2011, all that’s changed.

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Peter Shelsky in his new Cobble Hill shop. Lauren Rothman/JW
The salmon spread. Lauren Rothman/JW
Fun sandwich options. Lauren Rothman/JW
The Great Gatsby: salmon, honey mustard, cream cheese and onion on rye.

Checking In On Peck’s

Ratner’s family-owned Brooklyn food shop teams up with Gefilteria.

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Peck's opened on Myrtle Avenue in January. Lauren Rothman/JW

The Gentrification Of The Gefilte

Ashkenazi cuisine goes artisanal and upscale — just don’t look for a heksher.

Special To The Jewish Week

The humble gefilte fish — the perfunctory seder meal starter long mocked for its blandness — is finally getting some respect.

At Kutsher’s Tribeca it’s made from wild halibut and garnished with micro arugula, while at the Gefilteria it’s crafted from sustainably-raised fish and topped with a freshly prepared horseradish.

Kutsher’s Tribeca. Evan Sung
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