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The Remaking Of Conservative Judaism

Rabbi’s coming-out highlights dramatic shift
in the middle movement and its flagship seminary here.

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Gil Steinlauf, a nationally prominent Conservative rabbi, made headlines this month when he announced to his large Washington, D.C., synagogue that he is gay, and that he and his wife of 20 years would divorce. As surprised as his congregants at Adas Israel may have been by the news, it was Rabbi Steinlauf, the congregation’s senior rabbi, who found himself stunned by the response to it.

Rabbi Gil Steinlauf is now at the vanguard of the Conservative movement’s increasing acceptance of homosexuality.

Like Weimar, But Better

More than anyone else, gay Jews are have cause to reflect on Weimar Germany’s mixed legacy.

On the one hand, both gay and Jewish culture flourished in that place and time, and had a dramatic impact on the rest of the world. On the other, that period was also full of menace, of threats that the Nazis would soon carry out.

Yet tomorrow, proud and vital members of this group will board a plane for Berlin to grapple with that history – and go clubbing.

He'bro, the events promotion business backing an LGBT-Jewish trip to Germany, knows how to have fun. Via
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