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Israel Angst Gets Personal

He may have traveled over 5,700 miles, but my son Zack is just a local call away.

That's because these days, for a relatively modest fee, you can give your kid a cell phone with a "virtual" U.S. number, creating something of a bizarre illusion that he is just a train ride away in the 646 are code rather than on another continent with a 972 country code.

Toward Gap-Year Consensus


One of the outcomes of the controversy over Rav Aharon Bina and his Netiv Aryeh yeshiva in Jerusalem is the increased attention focused on the fact that teens who spend a year in Israel are to a large degree on their own, with their parents often in the dark about the policies and intellectual and emotional environment of the institutions where they have sent their children.

$1000 Kickback Per Student From Gap Year Israeli Yeshiva To Day School Principals

Here's a shocking post at the "Lookjed Digest" (Nov. 9) -- the Lookjed list is a project of Bar Ilan's Lookstein Center for Jewish Education.

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