Samuel: When 'Friendships' Are Based On Misconceptions About Disability

On November 2, the conclusion of Shabbat will be followed immediately by the beginning of a new Hebrew month, Kislev. When this Shabbat-New Month sequence occurs, our sages decreed that a special Haftarah is chanted instead of the regular Haftarah for that Shabbat.

Rabbi Michael Levy

A Friend Indeed

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Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

David Wolpe

A Down Syndrome Jewish Actor’s Breakout Role

In ‘Girlfriend,’ a film directed by high school buddy Justin Lerner, Evan Sneider plays a character much like himself.
Staff Writer

Three years ago, when Justin Lerner decided to give his friend, Evan Sneider, an actor with Down syndrome, a small role in his master’s thesis film, he did not know Sneider would eventually become critical to the launch of his own career.

In the new indie film "Girlfriend," Evan Sneider, below right, plays an actor loosely based on himself.

Remembering ‘The Friends Club,’ And An Era Gone By

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My father, 85, called me the other day, choked up. “Dan, it’s Dad. Philly died.”

And then he sobbed.

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