Fresh Ink

‘Fresh Ink’ Is Back


We are proud to announce that Fresh Ink, The Jewish Week supplement written for and by high school students, will return as an online magazine this week after a two-year hiatus. The website, Fresh Ink For Teens (, will be updated regularly, featuring essays, articles and art produced by Jewish teenagers on such themes as school, Israel, religion, politics and culture.

Thanks For The Memories

From reader to writer, a senior looks back fondly at her years with Fresh Ink.

When I was in sixth grade I read my first issue of Fresh Ink. Inside was an article which captured my interest written by a young woman about her experiences wearing tefillin. I was contemplating wearing tefillin at the time and was both surprised and impressed by the article. I was strongly affected by the fact that a legitimate newspaper was able to publish a human interest piece that appealed to me in a very specific way as an adolescent and a Jew. The writer spoke so well of her internal enrichment contrasted with the external controversy of a woman donning tefillin.

Gabriela Geselowitz’s cover story about being a Conservative Jew in the Five Towns was one of her proudest moments.
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