Foodie Tourism Just Got Sweeter

A gold medal-winning Tel Aviv chocolatier, quality craft beer and gourmet takeout, all in or near Tel Aviv.

Contributing Editor
06/16/2015 - 20:00

It’s easy to walk straight past Ika Chocolate without realizing what you’re missing. After all, it’s a small shop in an unassuming Tel Aviv neighborhood, on a street where the smell of a hummus factory dominates. 

The innovative chocolatier Ika Cohen in her Tel Aviv shop, Ika Chocolate. Courtesy of Ika Chocolate

Supper Club Goes Kosher

Hire-a-chef network seeks new market among observant Jews. Duck a l'orange, anyone?

07/01/2014 - 20:00
Staff Writer

In a candlelit penthouse in Brooklyn, thirty guests mill about with basil cocktails in hand. Handcrafted canapés are brought around on delicate china trays, and the crowd samples tartare of mackerel and mushrooms stuffed with a white wine and herb mixture.

Chef Ygael Tresser prepares Red Fruit Mille Feuille for dessert. Courtesy of Chana Blumes.
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