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07/10/2013 | Section: The Wandering Jew
Zak Stern (3rd from left) with baking crew. Photo courtesy Zak Stern

Step one: Bake the best sourdough bread ever. Step two: Make it kosher.

That's Zak Stern's philosohpy behind his successful bread bakery, Zak The Baker, which is in the early stages of becoming kosher.

Last Friday Zak The Baker announced via Facebook that the bakery would become kosher, posting a picture of the “Shabbos Goy Baking Crew,” who will keep the bakery running during Shabbat.

07/09/2013 | Section: The Wandering Jew
A kosher and halal meat plant is a complicated combination. Fotolia

Eyad Suleiman, a Muslim Israeli living in Milwaukee, Wis., plans to open a kosher and halal meat plant for religious clientele, but getting kosher certification won’t be easy.