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05/29/2014 | Section: The Wandering Jew

Courtesy of Nefesh B'Nefesh

On the evening of Friday, June 13th, a diverse group of Jews will gather together at sunset to break bread and celebrate Shabbat. There will be baked chicken, fluffy rice, and steaming-hot potatoes, as well as elegantly braided challahs and plenty of wine.

05/12/2014 | Section: The Wandering Jew
The knish's history. Laura Silver

Forget pizza, bagels and burgers: in turn-of-the-century New York City, only one snack ruled the streets: the knish.

04/09/2014 | Section: The Wandering Jew

An ode to forbidden carbs from the regular folks of Congregation B’nai Shalom in Westborough, MA.

02/18/2014 | Section: The Wandering Jew
From left: Mary Zamore; Michael Twitty; Shannon Sarna. Lauren Rothman/JW

There was something for everyone at the tenth annual Limmud NY conference last weekend: from guided meditation to bluegrass music to late-night improv, this year’s three-day gathering devoted to Jewish learning in all its facets filled the Stamford, Conn. Hilton Hotel with rabbis, scholars, historians, and… foodies.

01/02/2014 | Section: The Wandering Jew
Nigel Savage reflected on and celebrated the Jewish food movement at Hazon's conference. Yossi Hoffman

Just as hip chefs love to subvert classic dishes, so did the participants at this week's Hazon Food Conference take a careful look at the "New Jewish Food Movement" that the conference helped birth and has supported over the seven years of its existence.

12/17/2013 | Section: The Wandering Jew
The TV versions of their creators' real-life family, which celebrated Christmas with Chinese. Image courtesy ABC

It’s easy to feel like you really know Adam Goldberg. He’s warm and funny. He asks questions with genuine interest and listens attentively. Having a conversation with him quickly makes you feel like you’re talking to an old friend. Another reason it’s easy to feel like you know him is because, if you’ve seen ABC’s hit sitcom, “The Goldbergs,” which he writes and produces, you’ve had an inside look at his 1980s childhood in the Philadelphia suburb of Jenkintown, Pa.

08/13/2013 | Section: The Wandering Jew
Hunger Construction, rolling out to the Big Apple September 7. John Lee

The potato is humble no more.

07/30/2013 | Section: The Wandering Jew
Shawn Askinosie runs a school lunch program for a school in Kyela, Tanzania. Photo courtesy Shawn Askinosie

At a glance, that Askinosie chocolate bar sitting on the shelf at Eli’s Manhattan looks a lot like all the other organic, small-batch foodstuffs so in vogue these days. But the Askinosie product has a far richer backstory than your average pricey, artisanal sweet — starting with the heksher.