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10/30/2013 | Section: Recipes
A no-fry alternative to sufganiyot, copped from a British pastry craze.

Just in time for Hanukkah, with its glad ritual consumption of doughy, fried sufganiyot, comes news of a doughnut that’s got the bakery world in a tizzy -- and it's not the Cronut.

10/25/2013 | Section: Recipes

As summer turns to fall and winter approaches, bright, colorful berries are replaced with flavorful citrus on supermarket shelves. And I love baking with citrus - particularly the peel, since it is just so jam-packed with taste. Lemon, orange, lime and grapefruit all pack a powerful punch in just a little zest.

This recipe, which I first learned in pastry school, is a wonderful vehicle for citrus's bright flavors, paired with rich chocolate. It's a bit technically advanced, but if you've been cooking and baking along with me all this time, I think you can do it.

10/23/2013 | Section: Recipes
A garlicky marinade enhances fresh sea bass.

I truly believe that when you start with good quality, fresh fish, you don't need to do too much to it. The fish should taste delicious on its own. The sauce or marinade should simply enhance the flavors that already exist. That's why this recipe works so well. The paste made of sun-dried tomatoes, capers, scallions and garlic is rich but simple. It brings out the flavors of the fish and makes a perfect lunch or dinner dish. It also looks stunning.


10/18/2013 | Section: Recipes

I always joke with my friends that if I were ever to write a cookbook, it would be an all-potato cookbook. Yes, I have professional training in baking and pastry, but my heart belongs with potatoes. Roasted, fried, mashed, kugels or latkes, I love them in every form.

10/11/2013 | Section: Recipes

In this world, there are fancy, dainty, tea party cookies, and there are fun, childish, novelty cookies. These fall squarely into the latter category - not because of the flavor, which could rival any fancy treat, but the shape, mimicking pretzels, right down to the sprinkle of "salt."

10/10/2013 | Section: Recipes
Squash, sage and cheese: a classic combination. Fotolia

Even after the long cycle of fall holidays has ended and most sukkahs have been put back in storage until next year, many foods that traditionally symbolize the holiday will remain on our tables for several months. Sukkot commemorates the forty-year period spent by the ancient Israelites wandering in the desert; but it is also associated with the autumn harvest, much like Thanksgiving. While the crops in modern America may be different from those in ancient Palestine, the same concept applies: It’s time to change our menus!

10/04/2013 | Section: Recipes

I've had plenty of food in my day that looks fantastic but tastes mediocre, and food that is delicious but needs a little sprucing up. So when the two combine, and food is as "wow" as it tastes, it's a really special thing.
One of the things that makes food look so appealing is vibrant colors. Fall is a great season for that, and this dish combines beautiful jewel tones with great flavors.

09/25/2013 | Section: Recipes

Blueberry season is just coming to an end, so take advantage of this recipe to utilize the last surge of berries in these cute, pop tart-like desserts. Of course, in the United States you can buy berries almost year round, and frozen would work as well here.

The juices of the blueberries have a tendency to ooze out as they cook, even if you seal the edges as best you can: It doesn't really bother me, I kind of like the "rustic" look.

09/23/2013 | Section: Recipes
Candied kumquats are a mind-blowing marriage of sweet and sour. Ronnie Fein

Call us corny, but in our family we tear up whenever we recite the Shehecheyanu. It’s such a beautiful prayer; it really brings home how blessed we are to be together and able to enjoy whatever occasion we are celebrating. So our eyes will be moist many times during Sukkot, because this holiday gives us a host of opportunities as we follow the tradition of chanting the Shehecheyanu every time we eat a new seasonal fruit or vegetable for the first time.

09/18/2013 | Section: Recipes

This Sunday officially marks the first day of fall, which means apple desserts. I've made apple muffins, apple crumbles and apple pies galore, but I wanted to try something a little bit different. So when I got the inspiration for an apple upside down cake, I knew I had to try it.