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12/20/2013 | Section: Recipes

In these cold winter months, its still possible to get bright pops of flavor in your food in the form of citrus! Oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes all have sharp, delicious flavors that are perfect in a variety of baked goods (see lemon curd linzer torte, orange chocolate tart or coconut grapefruit cupcakes).

12/20/2013 | Section: Recipes
As a child in Venice, the author couldn't have Christmas, but she could have its

Every year, right after Thanksgiving, New York City seems to turn overnight into one giant display of dazzling Christmas ornaments. The lure of illuminated store windows and sweet-smelling candy canes is hard to resist for adults, and just impossible for young Jewish children.

12/19/2013 | Section: Recipes
Now that's a fine dice. Amy Kritzer

I’m a Jew who likes Christmas. Though not for the traditional reasons. I mean mistletoe, eggnog and sparkly lights are great and all, but I’m in it for the Chinese food. Like other Chosen People on this lonely day, I indulge in whatever action flick is in the theaters, and as much moo shu and fried rice as I can handle.

12/12/2013 | Section: Recipes
Kosherize it! Gabi Moskowitz

For many people, Christmas conjures up thoughts of Santa Claus, mistletoe and eggnog. If you’re Jewish, however, Christmas probably makes you think of Chinese food.

12/09/2013 | Section: Recipes
It's been hard to find a hekshered fish sauce. Ronnie Fein

Click here for Ronnie Fein Reviews: Queen of Tuna-brand Tuna Fish Sauce.

Remember that nam pla is not intended for sprinkling straight from the bottle onto food. It’s not like ketchup, Worcestershire sauce or tabasco, but more in the nature of tomato paste or hoisin sauce, to be used for cooking.

12/05/2013 | Section: Recipes

Pflaumenkuchen. I don't think I can pronounce that, but it is German for plum cake, specifically a traditional Bavarian dish of a sturdy cake topped with fresh plums and optionally (but of course I went for it) a streusel crumble. As the plums cook they release their juices and seep into the cake below, adding color and flavor. Some recipes call for a yeast dough, but I went with a simpler type of cake.

12/01/2013 | Section: Recipes

Well, Thanksgivukkah is safely in the past, so instead of focusing on Chanukah-Thanksgiving mash-ups, we can stick solely to dishes for the Festival of Lights.

11/27/2013 | Section: Recipes
Lox and dill are typically Scandinavian ingredients. Lauren Rothman

Pine needles. Moss. Funghi. These are three things you might happen upon while walking in the woods, or find on your plate at the hottest dining destination in the world this year, the restaurant Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark. There, head chef René Redzepi coaxes traditional Nordic flavors out of the foraged and locally farmed ingredients that have made his menu so popular.

11/25/2013 | Section: Recipes
Psychadelia in a Purim cookie. Photo courtesy Sterling Publishing Co.

These tie-dyed cookies are my whimsical Purim version of classic chocolate and vanilla black and white cookies. You can make any design you like (I provide a few options below). Have fun!

11/22/2013 | Section: Recipes

Thanksgiving is certainly a holiday of indulgence, and Chanukah is a festival filled with oil and fried foods. It can't hurt to try something just a little bit healthier on your table this year. So nestled among your marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes, your green bean casserole and sausage stuffing, why not try a lighter take on coleslaw?