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04/11/2013 | Section: Noshing
These rugelach prompted two marriage proposals from satisfied eaters. Amy Kritzer

Before I started my Jewish food blog, and developed a love for making lox, brisket and bagels, my passion was baking. I made elaborately decorated cupcakes, chunky chocolate chip cookies and layered birthday cakes. But my rugelach became what I was known for and continues to be my most requested treat. I have had no fewer than two marriage proposals over these cookies.

04/10/2013 | Section: Noshing
The Auschwitz Jewish Center. Photo via Kickstarter

The affiliate of New York’s Museum of Jewish Heritage that runs the Auschwitz Jewish Center, a museum and synagogue in the town that gave its name to the concentration camp complex, is raising money on Kickstarter to open a café in the home of the town’s last Jew.

04/09/2013 | Section: Noshing
It really is worth making a tzimmes over this. Amy Kritzer
Tzimmes Pizza 1

Now that Passover is over, only one thing is on my mind. Bread, and lots of it. Bagels, challah, muffins and, of course, pizza. One of my favorite things to cook with my Mom growing up, besides the classics -- rugelach, roasted chicken and latkes -- was pizza.

04/08/2013 | Section: Noshing
Goofing around at Gefiltefest. Photo courtesy Gefiltefest

So, it seems the smart money’s on the food scene.

03/15/2013 | Section: Noshing
Kosher or kitniyot? Rabbis weigh in on quinoa for Passover. iStockPhoto.

On any given day, a wind might blow through the farmlands of South America, pick up an errant grain of barley and deposit it nearby among the vast rows of cultivated quinoa. If that barley manages to make its way into a sifted batch of quinoa and avoid detection during repackaging, it could wind up gracing your seder table on Passover night.

12/12/2012 | Section: Noshing
Plain potato latkes are perfect, but why not mix it up with carrot and apple? Amy Spiro

Sure, classic potato latkes - with their crispy edges and warm, gooey insides - are about as close to perfection as you can get. But with eight nights of Chanukah, why not experiment.

10/11/2012 | Section: Noshing
A breakfast or snack redolent with autumnal apples and cinnamon.

I've spent 8-12 hours making certain desserts, and I can honestly say I love it. But there are plenty of times I am sick of the kitchen, and would prefer to whip up something that takes about 15 minutes. Enter these muffins. With the fall-friendly flavors of apples and cinnamon and the ease of mixing everything in one bowl with a whisk, you'll make these again and again.