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WonderBread gets a hekscher from the OU.
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Wonder Bread, that squishy, snowy miracle of engineering both gastronomic and financial – the company that originally made it, Hostess, recently emerged from bankruptcy and sold the brand to another company – is getting kosher certification in the New York area by no less an authority than the Orthodox Union, according to a bulletin from the agency.

Here's how it happened. Flowers Foods, which bought Wonder Bread in the Hostess Brands bankruptcy fire sale, is a "very old and important OU account," said Rabbi Moshe Elefant, the Chief Operating Officer of Orthodox Union’s Kashruth Department. Flowers contacted the OU as soon as the deal was done to explore the possibility of securing certification for Wonder Bread and after making sure the product wasn't dairy, which would have been a halachic, or legal, problem, the OU agreed.

Previously, the "Triangle-K" certified the bread, OU spokesman Mayer Fertig said in an e-mail.

So far, it's certified only the bakery that serves this part of the country, but the plan is to certify them all eventually, Rabbi Elefant said.

"The way I look at Wonder Bread -- maybe I'm dating myself -- is that there are certain foods that are iconic American foods," Rabbi Elefant said. "You look at an Oreo cookie. You look at a Tootsie Roll. Wonder Bread is in that group. It represents a very significant recognition of where kosher is at in America and in the United States that all of these iconic gentile foods are becoming kosher."

Flowers Foods could not be reached for comment.

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I was deeply moved by this historical news flash.So much so,that I think it represents a level of meaning which is (sadly)unavailable to those of us who live in Medinat Yisrael.Unquestionably on par with the founding of the State,unification of Jerusalem,re-instatement of Techelet.....and a myriad if other historical miracles,it is my sincere hope that we in the Holy Land will one day merit this profound gastronomical epiphany.Clearly,the OU is focused on the core issues which face Jewry in the early twenty-first century.

Wonder Bread with hot, crispy fried kosher salami and mustard is an awesome thing, especially when the bread gets sticky and broken and the mustard leaks all over your fingers. A fond childhood memory!

Twinkies have been kosher in some markets at some times, using vegetable shortening in place of lard. (When I was a teenager in the Boston area, we had kosher Twinkies, which I believe were supervised by Triangle-K, but they had been replaced by the lard-laden Twinkies sometimes in my adulthood.) Trust me, kosher-keeping friends, you are not missing anything.

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