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05/21/2014 | Section: Noshing
Not every legume mash can call itself hummus. Wikimedia Commons

If Sabra Dipping Co. has its way, the use of chickpeas and tahini in making hummus will become U.S. law.

The hummus manufacturer, which is co-owned by PepsiCo and the Israel-based Strauss Group, has filed a petition with the Food and Drug Administration to create a standard for which dips are considered hummus.

05/20/2014 | Section: Noshing
Cheesecake cake pops, aka cheesecake on a stick. Amy Kritzer

Don’t break out your cheesecake pan just yet. Shavuot, which starts the evening of June 3, is the recognition of the giving of the Torah to the Jewish people. The reasons we traditionally eat dairy on this holiday are varied. Some say it’s because when Jews received the Torah, we also got the commandment to keep kosher. Since the Jewish people did not have kosher meat or tools ready, they took the dairy route. Others say the dairy is a reminder of our freedom in Israel, the “land of milk and honey.” Either way, each year Jews gladly dive into blintzes, kugel and, of course, cheesecake.

But ordinary cheesecake is so last year.

11/12/2013 | Section: Noshing
Deli devotees and their gurus, gathered at The Brooklyn Kitchen to talk bagels. Lauren Rothman

Squishy, flavorless and uninspired.

10/03/2013 | Section: Noshing
Wonder Bread, an American icon, now has kosher certification from the Orthodox Union. Wikimedia Commons

Wonder Bread, that squishy, snowy miracle of engineering both gastronomic and financial – the company that originally made it, Hostess, recently emerged from bankruptcy and sold the brand to another company – is getting kosher certification in the New York area by no less an authority than the Orthodox Union, according to a bulletin from the agency.

08/23/2013 | Section: Noshing
Kansas City is world famous for its barbecue. Fotolia

Kosher barbecue competitions started and first proliferated below the Mason-Dixon Line, but recently, Yankees are starting to hone in on the action – there’s a festival on Long Island, and a new one will launch in New Jersey next year.

08/20/2013 | Section: Noshing
For her stepdaughter’s bat mitzvah, Tori Avey made challah on Masada.  Photo courtesy Tori Avey

‘Shiksa,” a derogatory term referring to a non-Jewish woman, is a word Tori Avey wants to reclaim.

08/12/2013 | Section: Noshing
Could this be kosher someday soon? Fotolia

For kosher carnivores, news of the world’s first “test-tube burger” prompted daydreams of forbidden fare. Think sizzling strips of kosher bacon grown from the cells of a pig, or a kosher, all-beef slider topped with melted cheese.

08/09/2013 | Section: Noshing

Israeli tech start-ups are known for creating new efficiencies. Think GetTaxi, a taxi-finding service, and Waze, the Israeli navigation app which recently sold to Google for over a billion dollars. EatWith, the newest young, web-based Israeli company to come to New York, likewise uses the Internet to make connections, but its mission is more to slow things down than speed them up.

08/09/2013 | Section: Noshing
Has the era of the kosher cheeseburger arrived? JTA

NEW YORK (JTA) — When the world’s first lab-grown burger was introduced and taste-tested on Monday, the event seemed full of promise for environmentalists, animal lovers and vegetarians.

Another group that had good reason to be excited? Kosher consumers.

08/07/2013 | Section: Noshing
"The pastry that has made America go crazy." Amy Spiro

It’s the newest pastry craze sweeping the U.S.: the not-so-appetizingly named cronut. And recently the first cronut — a flaky/chewy cross between a croissant and a doughnut — made landfall in Israel, becoming the first kosher-certified cronut available in the world.