Tips For That Summer Getaway

05/26/2014 - 20:00
Travel Writer

Memorial Day is behind us, which means we can all rest assured that it probably won’t snow again for awhile. During the next few months at least, bitter cold and icy terrain are optional — for those planning travel to Patagonia, say, or Siberia.

The boardwalk in L.A., where you can find a same-day rental on AirBnB.  Hilary Larson/JW

Freedom or Family? That Is The Question!

“What I wouldn’t do for twelve hours all to myself!” my friends with very small children say, wistfully.

Instead of seeming like a punishment, the thought of being on a plane for longer than most of us work during the day, is viewed as a dream come true, provided there are no little ones to attend to.

“I could read if I wanted to,” they say, “and then if I feel like sleeping why I can just…sleep!”

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