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The English city of Leicester has waited 2,000 years for this. Against improbable odds — 5,000 to one, according to local bookmakers — the Leicester City Football Club won this year’s English Premier League, the most competitive national derby on the Continent.

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Editor's Note: A quote within the article was edited for clarity. It was originally published as, '“I was looking for a mother for my children,” says Gil,' and was adjusted to, '"I was looking for a [step] mother for my children,” says Gil.'

“Elections, shmelections…Of course, I have time for you,” said Gil Hoffman, when responding to a Facebook question from Maayan Jaffe. It was a hectic time for Gil, chief political correspondent for The Jerusalem Post – only a month before the Israeli elections in March 2015.  Still, Gil made the time. “And I always respected Maayan,” he adds.

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For my column this week, I would like to share with you the comments I made at our synagogue’s annual Yom Hashoah program on Wednesday evening. They are, in every way, what I would want to say to all of you on this occasion…

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Chaya Ostrower, a senior lecturer in psychology at Israel’s Beit Berl Academic College, is the author of the recent book, “It Kept Us Alive: Humor in the Holocaust” (Yad Vashem), which grew out of her Ph.D. thesis at Tel Aviv University. For the book and the previous Hebrew edition, she spent five years interviewing Holocaust survivors who had found value in using humor as a form of spiritual resistance in ghettos, labor camps and death camps. On the eve of this week’s commemoration of Yom HaShoah, The Jewish Week interviewed Ostrower by email. This is an edited transcript.

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Every year, as Passover arrives and I review the Haggadah in advance of yet another set of Seders, I struggle with the true significance of this holiday. This year was no different… just more so.

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The summer I was 16, my parents made the classic mistake of organizing a college tour when school was out of session. Devoid of regular, academic-year activity, the dozen or so Northeastern campuses were a pleasant blur of ivy-clad brick walls, Greek columns, and tour guides walking backwards — all more alike, alas, than they were different.