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"Exploring’s Israel’s outdoor activities and beautiful nature is always a wonderful way to spend the day."


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One of my former professors of Spanish literature used to say he was from “the other Córdoba,” since that name evokes, for many people, a city in Andalusia, Spain.

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The most amazing thing about Skopje’s crumbling medieval fortress is not its stunning view over the city, or its complex history. The most amazing thing is that it survived at all.

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Don’t look backward. 

That’s my advice for all the nostalgists who long to return to the scene of an early, life-changing overseas adventure. That first whiff of exoticism, the shivery thrill of unfamiliar smells and foreign accents, the picturesque dilapidation of the Old World — all of it intoxicates in a way no successive trip will.

And should there be a successive trip, disappointment is all but inevitable.

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Bernie fever has reached such a pitch in the green hills of Vermont that at farmer’s markets around Manchester you can buy Bernie Sandwich Bread, a marble rye that pays homage to the democratic socialist senator’s Brooklyn roots.

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You wouldn’t know it from all the breathless articles about the wide new world of Cuba travel, but tourism in Castro’s paradise is still illegal in the eyes of Uncle Sam.