02/25/2010 | | Travel Writer | Travel

Tucked into the shadow of the Pyrenees in the Languedoc-Rousillon region, Toulouse is one of France’s best-kept secrets. 
Actually, it’s not such a secret: more than 100,000 students flock annually to the city’s august universities, bringing a vibrant cosmopolitanism to these medieval squares and cobblestone alleys. But while it seems every globetrotting American has been to Paris, very few have set foot in France’s fourth-largest city.

02/02/2010 | | Travel Writer | Travel

My mother wasn’t a fan of fairy tales. Her idea of a bedtime story was an anecdote about her travels through central Italy, circa 1960. I drifted to sleep with images of an American ingenué  discovering the Piazza San Marco and the sleepy hilltop idyll of Perugia.

01/22/2010 | | Travel Writer | Travel

Remember those old ads that promoted Montreal as something like a poor man’s Paris? Times have changed — a lot.

01/15/2010 | | Travel Writer | Travel

President Obama reportedly spent just 26 hours in Oslo last month, where he collected his Nobel Peace Prize, delivered a speech and then skedaddled back to Washington to deal with health care and Afghanistan.