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Driving north out of Los Angeles, you’ll hit a city that even a veteran California traveler may never have heard of: Oxnard. This beachside gateway to California’s Central Coast is worth a stop, especially when it comes to its Jewish side.

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As fall’s chilly gusts begin to settle into the Northeast, the heat is rising in California. September and October are typically the driest, warmest months in the fabled Wine Country, ideal for basking in sunbaked vineyards.

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The eastern French region of Lorraine — home of the quiche — harbors all kinds of treasures amid its medieval walls, elegant chateaux and golden hillsides, where champagne grapes flourish under a hot autumn sun. Over the centuries, boundaries shifted back and forth between countries; local dialects, mixing Germanic, Gallic and Sephardic elements, evolved alongside a complex Jewish heritage.

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Whenever we find ourselves someplace my husband regards as particularly ugly or unappealing, Oggi declares, “I’d rather live in Kishinev.”

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I didn’t know who Hank Williams was when I first listened to Leonard Cohen’s “Tower of Song,” with the perplexing lyrics: “I said to Hank Williams, How lonely does it get? … Hank Williams hasn’t answered yet.”

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Depending on the crowd you run with, it can feel as though everyone you know this summer is on the East End of Long Island, hanging with the president and the first family on the Vineyard, or down the Jersey Shore.