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‘Paris is so expensive,” one girlfriend complained over a basil martini at a recent girls’ night out. We had all recently returned from jaunts overseas, and the topic had turned to that perennial kvetch of American travelers: how expensive “Europe” is.

06/26/2013 | | Travel Writer | Travel

Always havens for warm-weather culture, the artsy towns of the Berkshires — from Stockbridge and Great Barrington to Pittsfield and North Adams — have developed a distinctly bookish identity of late. This summer’s lineup of lectures, book groups, film screenings and classes might have you wondering if you’re really vacationing in the mountains — or on a college campus.

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There is so much raucous nightlife on Ibiza that it can be a challenge to appreciate how very tranquila this island can be. Best known for its international D.J. scene and jet-set parties, Ibiza — the liveliest of Spain’s Balearic islands — is also a paradise of limpid turquoise coves, sun-baked villages and stunning Mediterranean vistas.

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It was still April, but the temperature unexpectedly soared into the high 90s in Southern California. The sidewalks sizzled; the canyons seemed to shimmer. A hot blanket of haze settled over the valleys.

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On my first visit, St. Augustine, Fla., was not what I expected.

Intrigued by the romance of a place founded by Spaniards more than four centuries ago, I imagined it might share some of the flavor of colonial settlements in Latin America: cobblestone streets, pastel haciendas and shady courtyards.

The Old Town I actually saw, though, felt more like the Wild West than San Miguel de Allende.

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I loved my 2009 honeymoon, two weeks of frolicking among the villages of Italy’s Ligurian coast.