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On my first visit, St. Augustine, Fla., was not what I expected.

Intrigued by the romance of a place founded by Spaniards more than four centuries ago, I imagined it might share some of the flavor of colonial settlements in Latin America: cobblestone streets, pastel haciendas and shady courtyards.

The Old Town I actually saw, though, felt more like the Wild West than San Miguel de Allende.

05/28/2013 | | Travel Writer | Travel

I loved my 2009 honeymoon, two weeks of frolicking among the villages of Italy’s Ligurian coast.

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For most visitors — and I am no different — Miami is essentially South Beach. Even though its wide, sandy beachfront and Art Deco landmarks aren’t in Miami proper, South Beach feels more like our idea of Miami than the empty sidewalks and soulless glass towers of downtown.

05/14/2013 | | Travel Writer | Travel

Like many foreigners, my husband, Oggi, was intrigued by the Florida Keys, a singular geography that has no European equivalent. Every year during the Florida family trip, I’ve promised him that we’ll drive all the way down to Key West. This year I finally delivered.

It looks much the same as the last time I visited — in the mid-’80s, with my dad at the wheel. My dad likes to talk about the old U.S. Route 1: how it was the Maine-to-Florida highway when he was growing up, before they built the Interstate. According to him, U.S. 1 hasn’t changed much.

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Toronto is one of those cities that people who live there rave about. They’ll tell you about the cultural diversity, the fabulous ethnic food, the great public transit.

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Prague spring blossoms with the curlicued flowers and vines of Art Nouveau.