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When the sun breaks through the clouds over Finland’s Turku Archipelago, the reward is a shimmering vista of sea, sky and rocky green islets. More than 20,000 islands, many no larger than a kiddie pool, stretch out into the Baltic Sea from the mouth of the Aura River.

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I was first acquainted with Banff when two good friends married in a spectacular mountaintop setting there about a decade ago. I still remember her twirling in a red dress, the vivid scarlet contrasting with the brilliant white of Alberta’s snowcapped Rockies.

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Recently on Twitter, I came across a vacation-packing checklist that included such items as a pocket square, binoculars and a travel steamer. There were 10 boxes to check in the shoe section alone.

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If cherry pie on July 4 is the ultimate expression of Americana, then the ultimate American destination for Independence Day weekend might be Traverse City, Mich. — home to the oldest and biggest festival celebrating the red, juicy summer fruit in all its glory.

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There was a time when Aspen meant two things: classical music in summer, skiing in winter.

Both pursuits are going strong — but if you haven’t been to Aspen in awhile, it’s worth going back to enjoy a resort that has come of age. As elsewhere in Colorado, a steady influx of year-round residents, many of them Jewish, has brought a new sophistication and a burgeoning array of Jewish and arts institutions to this mountain town.

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The English city of Leicester has waited 2,000 years for this. Against improbable odds — 5,000 to one, according to local bookmakers — the Leicester City Football Club won this year’s English Premier League, the most competitive national derby on the Continent.