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You can still buy a $2 taco in San Francisco’s Mission District. But every year there are fewer of the ancient, fluorescent-lit taquerías that once defined dining in a Latino immigrant neighborhood, and exponentially more places for young, wealthy, tech-industry workers to buy a $15 fair trade organic chocolate bar, a $20 brunch entrée, or a $2 million condo.

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When you head out to see a volcano, you don’t expect it to blow up right in front of you. But there it was — Mt. Kilauea, the most active of Hawaii’s many volcanoes, spewing brilliant orange flames and puffs of ashes from its death-black cone.

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Olive oil is astoundingly cheap in Spain. When I visited the family olive farm of a friend in Provence a few years ago, the father was horrified and disbelieving when I told him how much I’d paid for a liter of the extra-virgin stuff back in Barcelona: about $3. “That’s impossible,” he sputtered, as he stuck $15 price tags on his hand-picked specialty oils.

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Note: This is the second of a two-part series on driving destination in New Jersey.

On a sunny afternoon just past Labor Day, the glittering towers of Atlantic City’s resorts cast long, strange shadows over the vacant lots below.

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Note: This is the first of two articles on driving destinations in New Jersey. Next issue: Atlantic City.

It was just past Labor Day, but the scenery screamed summer along Route 29 in the Delaware Valley. Leaving I-95 behind just north of Philadelphia, my husband, Oggi, and I drove north through a landscape of timeless Americana: rolling green meadows punctuated with prim white farmhouses, thick maple forests that canopied the sun-dappled road, the occasional bright-red barn.

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Driving north out of Los Angeles, you’ll hit a city that even a veteran California traveler may never have heard of: Oxnard. This beachside gateway to California’s Central Coast is worth a stop, especially when it comes to its Jewish side.