Tim Boxer

04/02/2012 | | Jewish Week Online Columnist | Tim Boxer

Seeds of Peace attracted some 1,000 youthful guests to its seventh annual peace market on March 1 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan. They came to support an organization that seeks to empower a younger generation to resolve disputes in various regions of conflict, including the Israel/Palestine issue.

03/22/2012 | Tim Boxer

One of the supreme joys in Mir Hadassi’s young life was when she and her parents converted to Judaism in Holland and made aliya. “From the very first moment I saw Israel I fell in love,” she said. Her devotion to the nation intensified when she did her military service in the north which came under rocket fire during the first Lebanon war in 1982.

At the same time she met her husband Yossi and, after army service, settled in Kibbutz Merhavia (where Golda Meir first lived when she arrived in 1921).

02/29/2012 | Tim Boxer

On a trip to Israel Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul & Mary fame) brought his guitar and message to schools in Lod and Petach Tikva. His aim was to bring Jewish and Arab kids together to prevent bullying and intimidation among schoolchildren.

At a recent America-Israel Friendship League dinner in New York, Yarrow performed the song that most resonated with the kids:

Don’t laugh at me, don’t call me names,

Don’t get your pleasure from my pain.

02/17/2012 | | Jewish Week Online Columnist | Tim Boxer

Shabbat was the theme of the National Jewish Outreach program’s 18th annual dinner Feb. 13 at the Grand Hyatt in New York. Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald, founding director of NJOP, which has sponsored Shabbat Across America and Canada for more than 800,000 Jews since 1996, honored Sen. Joe Lieberman for his book, “The Gift of Rest: Rediscovering the Beauty of the Sabbath” (Howard Books/Simon & Schuster).

01/12/2012 | | Jeiwsh Week Online Columnist | Tim Boxer

Oftentimes a funny story can make a penetrating point. Mark Sofer said that when he was Israel’s ambassador to India he attended a performance of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. The program included Franz Schubert’s Symphony No. 8, commonly known as the Unfinished Symphony.

He noticed that in the first movement there were 20 violinists playing. “Only 10 would do,” he concluded. “If Schubert had taken seriously what I’m saying, he would have finished the symphony.”

12/26/2011 | | Jewish Week Online Columnist | Tim Boxer

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, keynote speaker at Yeshiva University’s 87th annual Hanukkah convocation at the Waldorf-Astoria, was impressed how the university’s Center for the Jewish Future (CJF) engages in the spirit of tikkun olam.

She said graduate Josh Teitcher spent a summer in Israel with Counterpoint Israel—a CJF initiative for students to help local youth connect to Jewish values—and changed the life one young boy named Yitzchak.