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07/12/2012 - 20:00 | | Online Jewish Week Columnist | The Nosh Pit
Whenever I wander through the market near my home in Jerusalem, I'm drawn - both by smell and by sight - to the mounds of ripe peaches and nectarines snuggled up alongside the plums, grapes, cherries and melons at every fruit stand.
06/26/2012 - 20:00 | | Online Jewish Week Columnist | The Nosh Pit

I'm a good Jew. And by that, I mean I love Chinese food. Even not on Christmas, I develop cravings for crispy egg rolls, wonton soup and sweet and sour chicken. And while it's nice to order in and line up those little cardboard containers on the table, it's also nice to be able to cook at home sometimes, which is where this recipe for beef lo mein comes in.

06/21/2012 - 20:00 | | Online Jewish Week Columnist | The Nosh Pit
I love mini desserts. And I love lemon desserts. It clearly goes without saying (but when did that stop me from talking) that I love mini lemon desserts. And these tartlets really fit the bill. While any dough that you make yourself will taste better than a storebought one, in a pinch you can certainly use frozen pie crusts and make the super-quick filling in the microwave for a still-impressive dessert.
06/13/2012 - 20:00 | | Online Jewish Week Columnist | The Nosh Pit

I may not have kids, but I'm basically a big kid myself, so I like making fun, simple foods that I know children will love. Case in point: these chicken fingers. A little more interesting than simple schnitzel, these strips of chicken are coating in crispy onions which add both a crunch and a nice flavor. Enjoy them by themselves or in your favorite dipping sauce - or even on a sandwich.

06/07/2012 - 20:00 | | Online Jewish Week Columnist | The Nosh Pit

There are times I want to spend 10 minutes mixing up a cake, then toss it in the oven and serve it later straight from the pan. And then there are times I like spending a couple hours in the kitchen, creating a special baked good that will wow people's eyes as much as their taste buds. This is one of the latter times.

05/30/2012 - 20:00 | | Online Jewish Week Columnist | The Nosh Pit

Shepherd's pie is the ultimate comfort food. The ultimate meat and potatoes dish - it's heavy and rich and delicious - but not the most waist friendly or summer-friendly food. So here is a lighter version with a mixture of potatoes and sweet potatoes and a tasty chicken base as opposed to the heavier meat version.

It's also a simple dish to make, with just a few ingredients that combine to a sum far greater than their parts. Plus it's a great one dish meal for a weeknight dinner.