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03/22/2013 | | Online Jewish Week Columnist | The Nosh Pit

Pesach is just around the corner, so quickly finish up your bread, pasta and cakes! There's still plenty to eat over the holiday, but sometimes its hard to find quick dinners when you can't have spaghetti or sandwiches. In comes gnocchi! The pasta is based on potatoes, so its perfect for Pesach, and it can also be a fun activity - especially the shaping - for kids during Chol Hamoed, or the intermediate days.

03/14/2013 | | Online Jewish Week Columnist | The Nosh Pit

It's probably the scariest word to any kosher-observant cook in the world: Pesach. Take a diet already restricted - no pork products, shellfish, or mixing meat and milk - and add to it more limitations - no flour, oats, barley, and for Ashkenazi Jews, no rice, peas, corn, soy, peanuts, beans and whole host of other legumes. But if you focus on what we can't have, you miss out on everything we can, and all their potential delicious combinations.

03/08/2013 | | Online Jewish Week Columnist | The Nosh Pit

I've had many a sugar cookie dough decorating party in my house - some things don't get less fun when you get older.

02/28/2013 | | Online Jewish Week Columnist | The Nosh Pit

Are you guys paying attention out there? Because if you are, you should already be able to guess some of my favorite foods from the recipes I post. And those certainly including leeks, mushrooms and rice.

02/21/2013 | | Online Jewish Week Columnist | The Nosh Pit

I have a motto that I like to follow - or at least pretend to - if it ain't broken, don't fix it, but if it is, get to work! That idea is perfectly epitomized in these fun and different hamantaschen for Purim - I've stuck with my classic sugar cookie dough that never fails me for the outside, but tried a fun and different flavor for the filling.

02/15/2013 | | Online Jewish Week Columnist | The Nosh Pit

If you haven't already started thinking about your mishloach manot packages for Purim this year, you should probably start now.