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06/21/2013 | | Online Jewish Week Columnist | The Nosh Pit

At pretty much any cafe you stop by in Jerusalem (and plenty of meat restaurants as well), you'll see shakshuka on the menu. It's a dish of North African origin that consists of eggs cooked in a spicy tomato sauce. Sounds simple? It is, but it's also delicious, cheap and great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

06/14/2013 | | Online Jewish Week Columnist | The Nosh Pit

When people find out I studied pastry and baking, they always ask if I also know how to cook. The answer is yes (I hope), and I like them both, but there's something compelling about the aesthetic appeal of baking that transcends cooking. And that is certainly evident in these gorgeous and adorable little cookies: Jam Trios.

06/07/2013 | | Online Jewish Week Columnist | The Nosh Pit

As the weather gets warmer and the days longer, you know it is time to start indulging in the ultimate summer pastime: picnics! And there's no question that potato salads are a picnic staple -- with good reason. This version lightens things up a little, with not too much mayonnaise and an extra punch of flavor from the vinegar -- both during and after the cooking.

05/31/2013 | | Online Jewish Week Columnist | The Nosh Pit

It's that time of year, when beautiful strawberries and fruit pop up at supermarkets, with their glorious bright colors and luscious smells. Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits, and while they're just great on their own, they also bake down to a delicious jam in this buttery tart.

05/24/2013 | | Online Jewish Week Columnist | The Nosh Pit

I love cauliflower - raw in salads, sauteed in stir fries or roasted in the oven. A certain kosher cookbook a few years back brought the vegetable back into vogue with "popcorn caulifower" - florets roasted with oil and spices. This version brings it up another notch - dousing the cauliflower in honey and mustard before roasting it until the edges are cripsy.

05/16/2013 | | Online Jewish Week Columnist | The Nosh Pit

I talk about classic pairings a lot on this blog: peanut butter and chocolate is obviously my favorite, but macaroni and cheese, cinnamon and apples and many others are well known combinations. Pear and almond, especially in this classic French dish, is another one.