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05/13/2014 | | Staff Writer | The JW Q&A

Moshe Feiglin is a deputy speaker of Israel’s Knesset, which joined a member of the Likud Party in January 2013. At the last election for his party’s head, he ran second to Benjamin Netanyahu. Feiglin, 51, is also president of Manhigut Yehudit (The 
Jewish Leadership Movement), which is the largest faction inside Likud. During his first year in office, he was the only coalition member to vote to end the Oslo “land for peace” process and to oppose the budget in order to prevent the release of Arab terrorists as part of a deal that restarted Palestinian peace talks. Feiglin was in New York last week. This is an edited transcript.

05/06/2014 | | Special To The Jewish Week | The JW Q&A

John Turturro has portrayed a number of memorable Jewish characters. In his latest film, “Fading Gigolo,” which he wrote, directed and stars in, he plays a male prostitute named Fioravante, who pretends to be a Sephardic Jew. He sat down to talk about what it was like to direct Woody Allen, whether Liev Schreiber’s payes in the film were real and how a French actress and singer who isn’t Jewish nailed the role of a chasidic Jew. This is an edited transcript.

04/29/2014 | | Staff Writer | The JW Q&A

Rabbi Marc Schneier, spiritual leader of the Hampton Synagogue on Long Island and president of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, was in Israel for Passover when he was invited to meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah.

04/24/2014 | | Staff Writer | The JW Q&A

Stanlee Stahl has been executive vice president of the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous since 1992. Since 1986, the organization has provided $34 million in financial support to more than 2,500 gentiles who rescued Jews during the Holocaust. Currently JFR supports 654 rescuers in 22 countries, with the vast proportion living in Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus and Hungary. The foundation also runs a Holocaust education program that has trained more than 400 middle and high school teachers from the U.S. and Eastern Europe since 2000. On the eve of Yom HaShoah, The Jewish Week caught up with Stahl for a wide-ranging discussion on the rescuers she’s met and the impact of the group’s education program. This is an edited transcript.

04/14/2014 | | Staff Writer | The JW Q&A

Benjamin Ish-Shalom is president and founder of Beit Morasha in Jerusalem. In 2000, the university founded the Institute for Jewish Studies-The Joint Conversion Institute; Ish-Shalom is its chairman.

04/09/2014 | | Staff Writer | The JW Q&A

Peter Willner will be stepping down this summer after 12 years as national executive director of the American Friends of The Hebrew University. During his tenure, AFHU increased its annual fundraising from $18 million in 2002 to $500 million by the end of 2013; last year the group raised $50 million. Willner spent more than 30 years in executive positions in the nonprofit sector, the Anti-Defamation League and UJA-Federation of New York. The Jewish Week caught up with him recently for a discussion about the philanthropic landscape in the Jewish community and the so-called “brain drain” of Israeli academics. This is an edited transcript.