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05/22/2013 | | Associate Editor | The Jewish Week Q&A

On Sunday, June 2, the 50th Celebrate Israel Parade (formerly the Salute to Israel Parade) will march up Fifth Avenue from 57th Street to 74th Street, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., rain or shine.  The theme is “Picture Israel: The Art & Craft.” The parade will be broadcast on WOR Channel 9, noon-2 p.m. and JL-TV from 2-3 p.m. The Jewish Week recently spoke to the parade’s director, Michael Mittelman.

05/17/2013 | | Staff Writer | The Jewish Week Q&A

In recent years some of the most strident international anti-Israel activism has come out of South Africa — a rally last month against Israeli Independence Day sponsored by South Africa’s major trade union confederation, special labels for products made by Israeli companies in “illegal settlements” on the West Bank, support for an academic boycott of Israel and for the wider Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

05/07/2013 | The Jewish Week Q&A

Ruth Messinger left a 20-year career in politics, including Manhattan borough president, in 1998 to become president of the American Jewish World Service (AJWS), a nonprofit that supports human rights for marginalized people around the world.

05/03/2013 | | Jewish Week Columnist | The Jewish Week Q&A

Earlier this year, as I was approaching (with no small degree of apprehension) the imminent arrival of my 60th birthday, I found myself struggling to address exactly what turning 60 meant to me.  What was its significance?

04/30/2013 | | Book Critic | The Jewish Week Q&A

Two years ago, Elie Wiesel faced sudden, life-threatening open-heart surgery. Initially, he failed to grasp its seriousness.

04/23/2013 | | Associate Editors | The Jewish Week Q&A

The oldest of 11 in a Chabad emissary family in San Diego, Bryna Leider got an early start working in Jewish education. Now 35 and the founding educational director of Luria Academy, an “open Orthodox” Jewish Montessori school launched seven years ago in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, Leider is one of five New York-area educators honored with the Jewish Education Project’s annual Young Pioneers Award this spring.