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He says: “We met at Cornell University in 2004.  I was a freshman, and I tried to pick up Robyn at a fraternity party.”  She politely disagrees: “We met six years later when we were neighbors in a Manhattan apartment building.  We first noticed each other on a day when I was wearing my Cornell sweats and doing my laundry.” Who is right? “We agree to disagree about when we met,” says 30 year-old Josh (Joshua) Tamaroff. Robyn Finkelstein, 31, adds: “But we agree that we were lucky to have met.”

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“If Dan doesn’t text me by 5 PM, then I’ll text him,” decided Claudia. He didn’t; so she did. Dan explains: “In 2011 I was 21 and didn’t think I was ready to date.”

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“Look for guys by following your hobbies,” suggests wikiHow. “Ask yourself what you really love to do.” Allison Dwyer, 26, was doing what she really loved – cheering for the track team of her alma mater, Emory University. Michael (Mike) Rothbart, 29, was at the Armory Track and Field Center for the same reason. “No way was I there to look for guys,” insists Allison.

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Tali Brown and Yoni Kozlowski were classmates at the Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy, a co-educational Modern Orthodox Jewish Day School in Rockville, MD. They lived in the same neighborhood and both went to the Kemp Mill Synagogue, where their families were friends. 

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About two weeks after her arrival in Israel, Samantha traveled to the town of Rishon LeZion to visit her friend, Melanie. From the bus station, she called for directions. Melanie, herself a newcomer, couldn’t help, but said that her roommate, Ben, was a runner and knew the city. 

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They were both looking for community.  “That’s what we found at Moishe House St. Louis,” says David Elias, 30. And that’s where they found each other.  In the words of its founders:  “Moishe House is a place for young Jews to connect post-college. Moishe House is a community.”