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Lacrosse, a sport with centuries-old tribal roots in Canada and fast-growing popularity in the United States, is now establishing a small presence in Israel.

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About 90 percent of the young women who graduated last week from the Samuel H. Wang Yeshiva University High School for Girls — aka “Central” — in Holliswood, Queens, are headed to Israel for a year of de rigueur, pre-college study in an advanced Jewish learning seminary.

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Some members of the Jewish community objected two decades ago when a group of nuns, in a spirit of penance for the Holocaust, tried to build a convent on the grounds of Auschwitz. The Catholics’ prayers, charged the critics, were inappropriate at a site where millions of Jews were murdered.

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Some strangers took away Marion Sacher’s special kite in 1937.

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Wendy’s slogan is “Old fashioned hamburgers,” but the signs outside its shareholder meeting at the Sofitel Hotel in Midtown last Thursday read “Old fashioned exploitation,” carried by about a dozen rabbis protesting the corporation’s failure to sign onto the Fair Food Program.

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For the last three years, El Al had a new crew — a crew of Torah scribes.

In Israel, the United States and France, sofrim wrote the Hebrew letters and assisted members of the international Jewish community who also wrote letters, in a Torah scroll Israel’s national airline had commissioned. Dedicated last week, in an outdoor ceremony at El Al headquarters in Ben-Gurion Airport, it is the first sefer Torah written expressly for an airline, says Danny Saadon, vice president for North America and Central America.