07/20/2010 | | Lens

Carlos Goldberg, an immigrant from Argentina, fell in love with long-distance hiking as a member of the Israeli Army’s elite Golani Brigade four decades ago, and never put his hiking shoes away.

Now a resident of a moshav in northern Israel near the Lebanese border, he regularly hikes on Israel’s trails; two years ago he did the 777-mile Border Run around Israel. He’s competed in marathons, including the Sahara Marathon in Morocco.

07/13/2010 | | Lens

Contrary to popular belief, Yom Kippur is not the saddest day in the Jewish year.

Yom Kippur, a day of judgment, is a solemn day.

Tisha b’Av is the saddest.

The fast day, which starts Monday at sundown, commemorates the destruction of the First Temple and Second Temple, 656 years apart, in ancient Jerusalem. Both sites fell, to the Babylonians and Romans, on the ninth day of Av.

07/06/2010 | | Staff Writer | Lens

 Four years after he became a hostage of Hamas, in a terrorist strike that killed two Israeli soldiers, Gilad Shalit is a prisoner somewhere in Gaza.

Four years after he became a symbol of Hamas intransigence, Shalit is a bargaining chip — his life for the freedom of 1,000 or more Palestinian terrorists in Israeli jails.

Four years after he disappeared, Shalit is more visible than ever — as a symbol in Israel.

06/29/2010 | | Lens

Another summer, another chance to take Jewish-Islamic dialogue on the road in France.

This time, the road is Route E 54, headed southeast from Paris toward Besancon.

A unique experiment in interfaith dialogue recently pulled into the city in eastern France with its message of trust and tolerance.

The Jewish-Muslim Friendship Bus, a five-year-old project of a French Jewish-Muslim Friendship group known as AJMF, travels the country each summer, preaching coexistence to members of the religious communities that have been riven by violence and hatred in recent years.

06/22/2010 | | Staff Writer | Lens

Throughout the Arab world and the anti-Israel community in theWest, protestors burned the Israeli flag in recent weeks, following Israel’s fatal attack on the Gaza blockade-busting flotilla.

Last week, some supporters of Israel made their voices heard, too.

At rallies here, in Vienna, Brussels, Hamburg, London, Montreal, Los Angeles and Miami, Jews and non-Jews rallied side-by-side for the Jewish state.

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In the world of professional tennis, some doubles players change their partners as often as most people change their socks.

Jonathan Erlich’s choice of partners has been consistent – he usually teams up with fellow Israeli Andy Ram.

And his results have also been consistent.