09/03/2013 | | Staff Writer | Lens

Why did some young volunteers in a trendy new Jewish organization dress up as bees and pass out free jars of honey here in the last few weeks?

08/27/2013 | | Book Critic | Lens

It’s always about more than food.

08/20/2013 | | Staff Writer | Lens

A drawing of some celebrity by Al Hirschfeld, the noted caricaturist of Broadway stars and other public figures, caught the attention of Sam Goldstein, a retired printer, about 20 years ago.

08/13/2013 | | Staff Writer | Lens

With one religion’s holiday season about to start in Israel in a few weeks, another’s ended last week.

08/06/2013 | | Associate Editor | Lens

He died serving in a conflict few Americans now remember. And for years, his damaged tombstone was hidden under a thick forest of weeds in a long-neglected Jewish cemetery in Queens, his bronze Marine plaque stolen by vandals.

07/30/2013 | | Staff Writer | Lens

It was two weeks of medals and memories, familiar athletic events and new connections to Jewish tradition.