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For a minor holiday, Lag b’Omer draws a major crowd.

The 33rd day in the Sefira period of counting the Omer daily between Passover and Shavuot (lag is the Hebrew acronym for 33), Lag b’Omer has grown into a celebration that crosses the nation in Israel, and crosses denominational barriers in the United States.

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Seventy-five years after it was founded on the Tel Aviv shore by a group of German immigrants as a soup kitchen for destitute European refugees, the Reuth Medical & Rehabilitation Center recently played host to President Shimon Peres, who came to witness a recent example of the hospital’s innovative research.

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Like many Americans, some eighth- and ninth-grade day school students from Livingston, N.J., will be eagerly following next week’s launch of a Space X rocket and experiments later this year on the International Space Station.

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It was a day of blue and white, of orange and green.

On a recent Sunday morning, men’s lacrosse teams from Israel and Ireland met for a “friendly” — sports talk for an exhibition game or match — at Centre Island Beach Park in Bayville, L.I., near the edge of the Long Island Sound.

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Jewish tradition suggests that preparation for Passover starts 30 days before the holiday starts. In other words, right after Purim.