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A  blow-up cartoon character isn’t the standard way to welcome newcomers to Israel, but the four-dozen newcomers at Ben-Gurion Airport last week weren’t standard olim.

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A lifelong lover of classical music, Hans Herman Kahn — native of Nuremberg, survivor of Dachau,

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The latest group of Jewish immigrants from Ethiopia arrived in Israel earlier this month.

Within a few days of their arrival at the Ibim absorption center near the Gaza border,

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Jonathan Halpert, coach of the Yeshiva University men’s basketball team for four decades,

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Some 150 families in the Bronx got a head start on Chanukah this week.

Actually, they used their hands and feet.

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Few people notice when a delegation of visitors comes to Yad Vashem, when the members lay wreaths and stand silently and view the photographs of Nazi atrocity during the Holocaust. One delegation that visited Yad Vashem the other day drew notice — a group of French imams, leaders of their country’s Islamic community.