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Every great writer has an inspiration. Gary Shteyngart, whose novels combining hilarity and poignancy in describing the immigrant experience for Russian-born Americans have won him critical acclaim and a large readership, says he was first motivated by cheese.

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It’s a yard-wide piece of limestone, weighs about a ton, is about 2,000 years old and is priceless — to archeologists, that is.

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Like the six million Jews who live in Israel, the country’s 750 Samaritans have celebrated the holiday of Sukkot for the last week — but they do it differently.

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In Jewish tradition, Sukkot is known as one of the pilgrimage festivals, one of the three times each year when people from around the Holy Land would head to Jerusalem to worship and celebrate at the ancient Temples.

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According to legend, a destitute man came to a rabbinic sage in Jerusalem in the middle of the 18th century, complaining of his economic plight. The rabbi’s advice: He wrote an amulet on parchment and instructed the man to place it between the stones of what was then called the Wailing Wall.

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Several thousand members of the Jewish community got a head start on High Holy Days shofar blowing on Sunday — sounding a Jewish alarm, so to speak, about the issue of global warming.